Our Vision

• Ensure more women in senior leadership positions


• Make gender equality and diversity for economic growth a political priority for the 2019 leadership

• Create an enabling environment for men and women to influence the change they seek together

Our Mission

  • BUILD a network of trust that allows for honest conversations, constructive support and exchange of ideas that lead to a positive agenda for action and results;


  • DEFEND the focus on “women” and “gender” to optimise “female skills” (intuition, EQ + IQ, collaboration, systems thinking) and ensure greater diversity and effectiveness in decision making due to the complexity of today’s challenges;

  • SUPPORT each other and the next generation of men and women on global & local challenges as this is our "duty of care" to deliver a better future;


  • COLLABORATE with other women’s networks to differentiate our focus and add value to existing initiatives;   


  • EXPRESS meaningful goals and values through our actions e.g. ‘personal and collective pledges’;

  • ENGAGE men in our conversations and delivery to enable the change we seek together;


  • STRENGTHEN the call for more equality in board rooms, senior management, panels, pay checks and policy;


  • UPHOLD the need for more integration of women in the economy and in decision making;


  • WORK beyond direct gender issues on a more inclusive and equitable economic growth and the key challenges confronting Europe: climate change, migration, employment, the innovation/digitalization agenda and European leadership both at home and abroad.